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How can you introduce a minimalist style into your home?
When planning a room, avoid anything too complex and think of simplicity and functionality. This is the very essence of minimalism. For your furniture choices, a safe bet is to select neutral colors, from white to black, as well as natural shades. For shapes, be guided by your room's volume. Play with heights using slender furniture or take up large spaces with low, expansive furniture. For decoration, play with light using window and door openings and focus on unique items: one charming decorative object is worth ten ordinary ones.

The advantages of minimalism.
With minimalist furniture and decoration, your home takes on a resolutely modern style. Even better, your daily life is made simpler. Minimalist furniture has simple volumes and generally uses industrial materials. So much easier to clean!

- Your room's basics are incredibly refined already, so all you need to do is add color details and impact to stand out.
- Minimalist interior decorating brings light into your architectural spaces. With less clutter, your home's own unadorned charm will emerge!
- You have less decorative objects so you can change them more often for 100% pleasure.