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Minimalist furniture is furniture that is much-loved models from year to year in many countries and widely applied in various places such as hotels, private houses or offices. Furniture minimalist very flexible and suitable for a variety of room such us living room, dining room (indoor and outdoor) and fit combined with the other interior, its minimalist furniture continuously exported to various countries in the world.

Processing minimalist furniture must be done carefully in order to get a precise size and  presentable, and therefore the production of minimalist furniture should use really dry wood, if not the wood will be curved and the joining part will not strong enough. Beside that also modern machines that can cut the wood neatly and yielding a surface is flat and smooth.

Most of minimalist furniture using spray technique to give color to the wood, but at some finishing with unique character required more processing in the finishing process. Manufacturer of furniture has own techniques to produce a product with a unique finishing.

Many minimalist furniture produced in Indonesia, one of direct manufacture is Unikat Furniture, who are specialists work on a variety of minimalist furniture from mango wood. Unikat Furniture is reliable credibility producing minimalist furniture and export the furniture to various countries in the world.