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The Timber
This magnificent species of tree is native to India but over the years has been exported all over the world and is now cultivated on all continents. Preferring a warm climate which is free from frost, the tree is most notably grown in Asia and South America, mainly for its fruit.

Growing up to a massive 100 feet in height and a diameter of up to 5 feet, a fully grown, mature mango tree is a real giant. A hard timber with a beautiful dense grain, the wood of the mango tree is surprisingly light compared to most other hardwoods. The stunning grain of the mango wood is usually a mid-brown color, often with a streaked appearance featuring other colors including greens, light tans and grays. Usually finished with a natural product, the grain looks best with beeswax applied and has a rustic, patterned look that gets better and better as it ages.
The wood, though strong, is easy to cut and shape and as such, it lends itself beautifully to carving or turning as this allows the full range of colors to show through on the surface of the piece. The fantastic grain of the wood also looks beautiful crafted into large flat panels such as those used in more modern cube style furniture, especially larger pieces such as dining tables, bookcases or sideboards.

The Furniture
We would like to introduce our collection of sustainable mango wood furniture. Rather than high volume mass produced items, we’re proud to offer something different and unique for every piece is made from one tree with the beautiful grains running through the pieces. Every tree that is cut down to produce the furniture another one is planted to replace it.